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Professional roof restoration services to metal roofs includes: Cleaning, Repairs, Painting & restoration

  • Replacement of rusted & damaged screws
  • High pressure cleaning at 4000psi to clean roof back to surface
  • After the initial high pressure clean an anti mold is used on the roof to help prevent any mold or future growth
  • All repointing / rebedding
  • 1 coat of sealer / primer
  • 2 top coats of glossy protect / heat reflective membrane paint
  • Optional nano-glaze coat extends roof life span and manufacturing warranties

Metal Roofing Restoration Process:


Installation of safety equipment

We install temporary edge protection or safety harnesses to make sure we can work safely


Inspection & preparation

The roof is inspected for any damage and if required missing or loose screws are replaced


High pressure cleaning

The roof is then cleaned under high-pressure water blaster


Silicon work

Redo any silicon work that may need to be done (with special paintable silicon) i.e. ridge cap overlaps


Rust Treatment

Surface rust will be removed and apply rust converter


Mask up & Protect

Mask up i.e. solar panels, skylights, gables and any gutters, windows or walls for split level properties


Sealer / Primer

A corrosion resistant sealant primer is applied to the entire roof area


2 Coats of Roof Membrane

Two coats of high quality roof membrane paint is applied to provide durability, protection and weatherproofing


Clear Nano-Glaze Coating

We can then apply an optional coat of Nano Glaze on top to make the roof more weather resistant


Finish up

Wait for paint to be dry and remove any masking or plastics off the roof. Clean up the work site

Before VS After